Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shout Out to My Good Friend at Also, Bagels!

"Also, Bagels" a web comic stemming from the idiotic and often delusional brilliance of the mind of Brookes Eggleston, my good friend that I aforementioned, is updated 3 times a week, on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Whether or not I get the jokes is more often than not, beyond my capacity to comprehend, which at times makes me wonder if there was actually a joke in there at all, but I usually assume there is so I laugh anyway. But sometimes the updates catch you by surprise and give you that laugh that you so need while you check your phone on your "breaks" from work.

He's built quite the recurring cast within his web comics, and he continues to add to their history and connectivity as it goes on. Last year he even had his own booth at NYCC and I was invited in with a "Professional" guest pass. This is actually why I chose to get back in to comics and start this blog, as a matter of fact! Anywho. Here's a picture of his primary mascot Bagels McCoullagh:

And Below is a picture from NYCC '10:

Follow him! He's also on Twitter. Also, you may find the Bagels here.

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