Thursday, July 14, 2011

Comic Signing by Writer J.T. Krul

Yesterday I got to head into NYC, check out the latest branch of the Midtown Comics industry (it's actually fairly downtown) AND I got to get about 19 comics signed by one of today's best writers: J.T. Krul. Most recently known for his run with Green Arrow and Teen Titans, Teen Titans issue #97 came out yesterday as well and it was a great end to an arc that involved a new character "Solstice" and a whole bunch of Indian mythology.

J.T. got to telling me a little more about how he got the idea to use Indian mythology/gods in his books, and also how he's pushing his series out a little faster, so that before the DC new 52 comes out, he can clock the series at a whopping 100 issues. He mentioned "you may see more of Solstice in the reboot. I hope I didn't create the character all for nothing." Also, preliminary scans of Nicola Scott have been sent in for issue 100 and he says they're looking really good. We look forward to it!

J.T. Krul and I
Comics he signed, along with Certificates of Authenticity for each.

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